The International Bike Forum took place in Mexico City last week and SEMOVI announced 35km of new bike paths. But as #1 on TomTom’s traffic index, Mexico City has a major mobility challenge to overcome.

Mexico City also wants to abolish its minimum parking requirements.

The Mexican real estate market can’t stop talking about Fibras – the BMV made this video explaining what they are and how they can be used. BMV is also supporting the creation of Mexico’s new stock exchange: BIVA

NAICM’s urban train will be defined in June and GACM has signed a transparency agreement that also guarantees the airport’s budget through 2019.


Ebay, Amazon, TaoBao… online commerce is here to stay and it is bringing ‘Zombie Malls’ to life. As the real estate market grows more competitive, it is important to keep these four rules in mind.

Airbnb, tourism sector’s newest and strongest competitor, is winning the market over and the industry has made a plan to combat it.

Building the Future

This is what the airports of the future will look like.

What will the world be like in 2050?

Vison Zero is gaining followers around the world and rapid transit shows a record growth in 2016. What will be the future of mobility?

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