Although the construction of Tunel Emisor Oriente began in 2008, the budget of Mexico City’s 62km sewage project will be slashed from MX$7.09 billion to MX$1.3 billion this year.

As the prices of cement and steel continue to rise, the construction industry’s National Producer Index (INPP) continues to plummet.

Fibra Infraestructura Mexico is expected to issue the second Fibra E in the BMV.

Sacyr Concesiones enters the Mexican market with a EU€190 million deal for the maintenance and preservation of the Piramides, Tulancingo and Pachuca highways.

STC presents four proposals for Mexico city’s express train that will connect Observatorio to NAICM.


World leaders will unite at the G20 Summit next week, but will climate change be at the top of their list?

Monterrey and Guadalajara are Mexico’s most sustainable cities in Mexico, while the country’s municipalities are also going green.

WEF gives us a sneak peek at China’s urban forest.

Real Estate & Architecture

LatinoAmericano is Grupo Posada’s response to satisfying the demand of Mexico’s millennial travelers.

The value of strip malls with Amazon-Whole Foods stores is skyrocketing, while those anchored by competing supermarkets are feeling the pressure.

As architects embrace more creative designs, the demand for innovative, sustainable materials booms.

Urban Planning & Mobility

Volvo has announced it is taking a leap of faith developing only hybrid and electric carsinto the future of urban mobility.

The Arrogance of Space: how could empty street space be optimized to improve mobility in cities?

Mobility tech could give cities a US$600 billion boost.


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