The Federal Superior Auditor in the House of Representatives (ASF) detected irregularities in SEDATU in its management of subsidies, its capacity to alleviate overcrowding and its transparency, among other factors.

Five construction companies from Puebla won tenders in Oaxaca, Cancun and Veracruz. The projects add up to a total of MX$700 million.

The president of CMIC questions CEMEX’s decision to raise the cost of cement halfway through the year without the proper justification as the country has not experienced any recent depreciation of the peso or salary rises.

Grupo El Arca is preparing to build its 426-room hotel in Cancun.

Civil engineers are concerned about Guadalajara’s outdated water infrastructure as it puts the city at risk of sinkholes and collapses.

The northern Mexican state, Coahuila, is investing MX$520 million into vehicle bridges to increase the region’s competitivity.


The untold story of Harlem’s gentrification and growth.

Technology is taking the art of architectural surrealism to a new level.

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