IMF has raised its growth forecast for Mexico from 1.7 percent to 1.9 percent in 2017

Inflation reached 6.28 percent in the first 15 days of July


What challenges will the winning bidder face in constructing the Observatorio-NAICM Express Train?

What will Mexico’s future transportation hubs look like?


OHL Mexico’s utility increased 208.8 percent compared to 2Q16 thanks to toll price hikes and Acciona Infraestructuras announces its new DG in Mexico

How good is the quality of Mexico’s road system?

CONSAR wants Afores to keep on investing in infrastructure projects

Construcciones, Pavimentos y Servicios y Maqzar de Tulancingo are the winners of the paving works for the conservation of roads, drains and lagoons of NAICM

Real Estate

Fibras have money to spend on new additions to their portfolios in 2H17

There could be more than 40 Fibras in the BMV in the long term, just as long as they keep sustainability in their business model

In the meantime, commercial and residential developers are tapping the BMV for more funds

PPPs For Infra Development

NYT explores the benefits of private financing for public works, while the Harvard Political Review gives us a glimpse of the “Unlikely Couple” describing the rise of public-private partnerships

McKinsey also gives its opinion on why PPPs are good for infrastructure development

How Resilient are your PPP projects to adverse natural events?

In Other News…

Check out our interview of the week with Reyes Juarez, DG of FOA Consultores, which is also the project management team for NAICM


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