The candidates for the 2018 presidential elections is becoming clearer with the announcement of Anaya and Meade joining the ballot

This is how Mexico’s housing sector is creating islands

Federico Patiño discusses the impact NAICM will have on the Mexican civil aviation sector

Del Mazo, the new State of Mexico Governor, announces a Mexibus line that will go from Naulcalpan to NAICM and another that connects to the Valley of Toluca

In the meantime, the Mexico-Toluca Interurban train is expected to be rolling by October/November 2018


WB paints a portrait of PPPs in Latin America

The world’s most sustainable building is also the smartest and experts agree that the houses of the future must be elevated

Alphabet wants to build a city to gather more data and BIM could be used for smart urban planning

Urbanization without Development? CAF’s latest study identified a need for original, trustworthy data in order to boost the development of Latin America’s cities

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