In 2017, the infrastructure industry was characterized by insecurity a devaluated peso against the dollar. 2018 opens with speculation amid the upcoming elections. Read the good, bad and ugliest effects these have on infrastructure.

OECD advises the Federal Government to secure NAICM funding. The OECD’s General Secretary, José Ángel Gurría, worries about the funding for the second stage of the airport.

SCT sets the priority for 2018 to consolidate the Peña Nieto administration’s infrastructure projects. This endeavor includes 52 highways and 80 roads, among others.



The President of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerard, urges President Trump not to overlook the energy sector in his ambitious infrastructure agenda for the US.

OHL Concessions, owner 56 percent of OHL Mexico, to sell 100 percent of its shares to the Global Infrastructure Fund. The transaction includes projects in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Amazon Global Infrastructure Expansion to chose between Chile and Argentina for its new center. The chosen country will improve its position in the global economy.

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