GACM changes NAICM’s name to the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) as it gets ready to raise a new Fibra E to finance its completion.

The new 17 roads that will interconnect NAIM will have the same price tag as the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train.

The federal government will prioritize road and highway projects in 2018.

Interacciones is looking forward to investing more in Mexican infrastructure.

An update on Mexico’s Shared Network project: Vace Investment Advisors will be the telecommunications adviser in charge of structuring the international contest.

Real Estate’s a Boomin’

Many corporates moved offices after the September earthquake, meaning a good year for corporate developers.

Japan is investing in the Bajio’s real estate sector.


No budget? No problem. Passive infrastructure could be the cheap alternatives to increase safety and mobility in urban areas.

Car sales are drastically decreasing in Mexico City, are people using public transport and other modes of transportation more frequently?

International Infrastructure

The US leaked its “not so detailed” infrastructure plan.

Why is it so expensive to build rail transport in the US?

How can “broke” local government finance the development of their cities?

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