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Afores continue to invest in infrastructure projects through debt instruments.

State of Mexico takes out a MX1.5 billion loan from BBVA for the development of social, health and telecommunications infrastructure.

Ecoduct in Rio de la Piedad in Mexico City will transform the avenue into wetlands to treat more than 30,000 liters of dark water.

Line 7 of Metrobus that crosses Mexico City’s busy Reforma Avenue will be ready to go at the end of March.

Canceling NAIM is the same as canceling Mexico’s development says Meade in response to AMLO’s wishes of putting an end to the new airport.

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What would an earthquake-proof city look like? Japan, Bogota, Christchurch and other cities lead the way in earthquake-proof architecture.

Hostile Architecture: Is it designing people and nature out of cities? Seattle recently implemented anti-homeless architecture: is it good or bad?

Urban Development

Check out this week’s blog: Vertical Slums: The Side-Effect of Verticalization & Urbanization and take a look inside Kowloon Walled City here

These mega-projects will transform the world’s greatest cities by 2030 – Shanghai, Cairo, Istanbul and New York are on the list.

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