Del Mazo strives for better infrastructure in the State of Mexico through the creation of the Specialized Cabinet for Infrastructure. The governor aims for a logistics hub.

Environmental awareness is changing construction regulation according to CMIC. Mexico City is the country case study, hosting the first political dialogue on the matter.

The National Fund for Natural Disasters (FONDEN) has a 2018 budget of US$480 million to cope with earthquakes and hurricanes, among other natural phenomena.

Digital infrastructure, the key to the development of Smart Cities?



An overhaul for US infrastructure? Trump unveils US$1.5 trillion infrastructure plan.

The road for better infrastructure, a comprehensive analysis of the US Infrastructure plan.

Europe jeopardizes its economic growth due to underinvestment in transport and digital infrastructure. The European Investment Bank (EIB) warned the EU in its investment report.

Bridge collapsed in Colombia caused by unusually heavy loads. Ten construction workers were killed.

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