Earthquakes continue to impact Mexico, with more than 2,140 aftershocks after 7.2 Richter earthquake in Oaxaca last Friday. The federal government allocated MX$16.35 billion to reconstruct Oaxaca.

NAIM’s cargo train aims to start operations on Apr. 1 and as for the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train, it will not be starting operations until 2019, says SCT.

Mexico could be the 7th solar energy market in the world in the next five years.



Cities & States

States, cities and municipalities have stopped issuing stocks since Dec. 2013. According to specialists, it is due to a lack of big projects and the Financial Discipline Law. Veracruz and Nuevo Leon were the states that issued the most stock between Aug. 2006 and Dec. 2013.

Will these “super fans” blow away Mexico City’s pollution problems?

What will it take to transform Mexico’s cities into Smart Cities?  Nokia Senior Officer shares his view on how the Shared Network will transform Mexico’s cities.

Mexico City residents can now pay parking meters through three different apps.

Mexico City says hello to its first dockless bikes, Vbikes. But could these bikes be a cybersecurity threat?

Check out this map that shows cities that are clashing with biodiversity hotspots.


Real Estate & Earning Reports

Why are there so many malls being built in Mexico while the US market crumbles?

How do city characteristics influence real estate investment? JLL explains how.

Units Sold, Product Diversification Equals Solid Growth for Javer.

CEMEX’s Reports Increase in Net Sales, Gross Profits.


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