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What is the future of infrastructure in Mexico? According to the SCT Minister, Gerardo Ruíz Esparza, it is simple: the NIP must transcend the six-year administration to foster investment in the sector.

Fibra-E thriving in channeling infrastructure investment. GACM is one of the pioneers filing documents for the long-awaited Fibra.

Grupo Financiero Interacciones warns that Mexico’s next president must strive for macroeconomic stability. The financial bank for infrastructure development calls for continuity of projects such as NAIM.

How do Afores invest their funds? The investment is focused on infrastructure development.



Overselling of the US’ infrastructure plan? Trump’s math on the financial impact of the plan is said to be 98 percent wrong, according to economists at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

Mpumalanga, South Africa, seeking to revitalize its infrastructure industry. The provincial government is investing billions in rolling out public infrastructure.

Indonesia on infrastructure setback. President Joko Widodo suspended railway tracks and elevated toll roads construction after several accidents.

Abu Dhabi on track for completing its internal road and infrastructure development in the Al Falah area. With 65 percent of the project done, the work is on schedule to be handed over this year.

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