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Real Estate

Social impact studies not only impact public infrastructure, but also housing developments. Be Grand’s project is on the line as UNAM goes against its newest project in front of a UNESCO site on campus.

Infonavit plans on investing more than MX$20 billion in the Valley of Mexico.

The federal government may just take the title for real estate Deal of the Year as it sells a 125-hectare parcel located between Santa Fe and Lomas de Chapultepec. What would you build there?

Verticalization is the buzzword of the year among residential developers. But could Mexico’s housing sector be creating islands while aiming for vertical, urban housing?

Take a stroll down Chicago’s memory lane as you read the rise and fall of American public housing.

Looking for a new tool to finance real estate developments in Mexico? Check out what CerPIs have to offer in comparision to CKDs and Fibras.



Architecture & Urbanism

Could hydrogen disrupt traditional energy models in commercial buildings? GSM explains how it could be a sustainable alternative for projects.

How can areas impacted by the September 2017 earthquakes in Mexico maintain their architectural identity through reconstruction?


NAIM will tender new Cargo Terminal in 2H2018. In the meantime, check out the progress of NAIM through the lens of Victor Ortiz, official photographer.

UNESCO acknowledges Mexico’s CIEN program to develop low-income public schools.

After six months, ICA steps out of its bankruptcy. Could NAIM help it recover as it builds the terminal building while its subsidiary ICA Flour builds the Medium Tension 23 KV Electric Distribution Network?





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