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On Friday, Artz Pedregal, Grupo Sordo Madaleno’s latest mixed-use project, opened its doors to the public. This massive 57,000m2 project had an investment of over MX$200 million. Will it be more successful than its sister project in Polanco, Antara?

Pokemon Go was only the beginning: as technology continues to take over infrastructure, who’s in charge of the augmented city?

Mexico City Line 7 roams Reforma Avenue with its double-decker buses. But after a week of operation, did it help relieve Reforma’s traffic problem? City Lab says that building better bus stops could be a snap and a fix to Mexico’s mobility jam.

Although Mexico has many architects and urbanists, the informal construction sector builds more than 65 percent of homes each year in MexicoMexico’s grey labor is playing a large role in the infrastructure industry.




Blackrock is ready to launch its new trust, Infraestructura III, through a restricted public offering of CKDs for a whopping MX$10 billion. The main projects will be roads, railways, ports, airports and other long-term developments in Mexico.

Last week, ICA abandoned bankruptcy and won the tender to build the Terminal Platforms for NAIM. But before all that, Pensionissste injected more than US$20 million and became ICA’s largest stakeholder.





At the CICM congress last week, Peña Nieto said that infrastructure development shows Mexico’s progress, especially thanks developments in transport infrastructure. CICM is also ready to present its National Infrastructure Planning System (SPIN) to foster the country’s development.

Federico Patiño wrote a guest column on the five challenges NAIM is facing, which includes the construction site, coordinating engineering and construction and how the airport will be interconnected to not only Mexico city but the rest of the country.









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