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Obrador, Meade and Anaya speak at the 29th Mexican Congress for the Construction Industry, each setting the industry’s priorities for the next administration.

CMIC advises on the infrastructure priorities in Mexico. Water infrastructure rehabilitation works, ports and airports rank at the top of the list.

Despite macroeconomic uncertainty, Mexico remains attractive for infrastructure investment. The country must strive to modernize its infrastructure, says BANXICO.

Ciudad Juarez lashed by 64km/h winds last Sunday. The blasts damaged urban infrastructure, such as fences and billboards.



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Densification is the urban trend for Sub-Saharan Africa. The forecast expects 187 million people moving to cities in 2018, while US$150 billion investment is needed to bridge Africa’s infrastructure gap.

Implement bolder infrastructure or trail behind: the options for New Zealand. Auckland’s infrastructure industry struggles to keep up with city growth.

The Brisbane Metro ranks among top priority infrastructure projects in Australia. The project is expected to transform the city and requires an AU$940 million investment.

The hodgepodge of water infrastructure standards among Canadian municipalities is undermining underground water infrastructure management, reported OSWCA.

The not-so-sexy solution to the US’s infrastructure crisis? Invest in maintenance.

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