It looks like investors and construction companies will be on the road again as the expectations for Mexico’s transport sector rise. This week, FONADIN took over CAPUFE’S network, inviting the private sector for collaboration. NAIM continues to be in the headlines and on track according to GACM. Real estate is also attracting attention with a predicted 4 percent growth for 2018. Pulso Inmobiliario also sees a bright future for real estate in Mexico. Development Director Enrique Villanueva tells MISR about Torre Manacar and how it plans to bring the south of Mexico City back to life.

Ready to hit the road? Here’s your weekly news roundup:

Maravatio Highway – Grupo Hermes Infraestructura


It was a good week for transport infrastructure as CMIC believes that highways will boost FDI in the next years.

The government will also release a new scheme that will allow the private sector to be more involved in federal highways. FONADIN, through the new Highway Operation model, will be able to assign contracts for operation and maintenance through public tenders, which was once under the control of CAPUFE. That’s 50 highways open for business.

After being placed on hold for several months, the Puerto Escondido-Oaxaca highway is back under construction after Banobras took over the project.

NAIM has been in the limelight the last few weeks with presidential elections coming up and its continuity on the line. Many are worried as to how expensive it would be to cancel the project, but what other consequences would it bring to the Mexican market? And AMLO says that he is open to being convinced about NAIM.

In case you missed it, Maria Ariza, interviewee and ex-Director General of AMEXCAP is now the new Director General of BIVA, the new stock exchange in Mexico. The launch of the BIVA has been postponed, could this be a good thing?


Torre Manacar Render, Mexico City by Pulso Inmobiliario

Real Estate

There is faith in the real estate sector and AMPI expects it to grow 4 percent in 2018. In the meantime, BBVA believes it will be a good year for the residential sector, which will place MX$42 billion in mortgage loans.

The Human Settlements Law could have a loophole to let real estate developers pay to avoid limitations presented by conservation zones within their projects.

Pulso Inmobiliario’s Development Director, Enrique Villanueva tells MISR about the challenges it has encountered constructing Mexico’s skyline. Pulso Inmobiliario is responsible for developing Reforma giants such as Torre Mapfre, Torre New York Life and Torre Manacar, Mexico City’snewest skyscraper.





Mexico City Downtown- Zocalo

Architecture & Mobility

Mexico wins Lafarge Holcim Awards 2018 with a water-managing public space in Mexico City designed called Hydropuncture by Loreta Castro Reguera and Manuel Perlo Cohen.

Confused as to where to park? This map takes all the guesswork out of confusing street parking rules. How could this be adapted to Mexico?

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