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On Sunday the first Presidential debate was held, with many of the opinion that victory went to Ricardo Anaya. Find out how each candidate will impact the infrastructure industry here. Meanwhile, during Enrique Peña Nieto’s term, 274 infrastructure projects were completed but there were calls for increased infrastructure development both in Mexico and in Latin America to propel the region forward. Internationally, China wants in on the US’ infrastructure plans and both Canada and Europe faced infrastructure backlash.

Don’t miss our interview of the week with Juan José Risoul, President of engineering firm Grupo SACMAG, who spoke about the company’s expertise in airport infrastructure.

Ready to hit the road? Here is this week’s roundup.


Casas Javer released its 1Q18 earnings and business is looking good.

This week, Inmobiliare hosted the Guadalajara Real Estate Business Summit in Zapopan. Find out what’s going on in Guadalajara’s real estate industry here.

Milenio found that Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration managed to complete 274 infrastructure projects during his term, with total investment of MX$1.5 billion.

The World Highway Association and DIRCAIBEA hosted their latest board meeting in Campeche this week. More than 80 international representatives form all over the world attended. At the event, Minister of Communications and Transport Gerardo Ruiz Esparza pledged investment of MX$7 billion for the state’s infrastructure development.

Minister of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid called for Mexico to update its infrastructure so that it can become a more open economy.

It doesn’t matter who wins the Presidency, says Carlos Rojo of Interacciones. What matters is that he or she prudently manages the public purse to allow for infrastructure development. The Director General went on to predict a historic year for infrastructure in 2018.

Latin America needs more infrastructure development to continue growing, according to the International Development Bank.


MIT released a case study of India that shows how much infrastructure development really impacts an economy and creates growth.

Brexit is muddying the waters of Europe’s port infrastructure, and the Port of Rotterdam is facing investment delays amid confusion over infrastructure needs.

Two Fraser Institute experts labeled Trudeau’s federal infrastructure plan “a mess of misguided priorities.”

While China wants to get involved with the US’ ambitious infrastructure plans, Mayors of mid-sized US cities are not waiting around for federal support.

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