Macquarie Group reported today that its net operating income went up 5 percent to AU$10.9 billion in FY18 compared to FY17 AU$10.4 billion and an operating profit before income tax increase of 12 percent, going from AU$3.1 billion to AU$3.5 billion. This was mainly caused by to a favorable currency and a positive market. The attributable profit to shareholders was also boosted by 15 percent, mounting to AU$2.6 billion compared to AU$2.2 billion in the previous period.

Source: Macquarie Group FY18 result presentation, retrieved from

The assets under management (AUM) outperformed from Mar 17 to Mar 18, increasing by AU$15 billion to a total of AU$496.7 billion. International income accounts for 67 percent of Macquarie Group’s total income. The Americas regional outlook reports AUM of AU$255.1 billion and AU$2.2 billion in income for the region in FY18, with more than 29,000 employees.

Source: Macquarie Group FY18 result presentation, retrieved from

“Macquarie’s businesses have continued to grow in the challenging market conditions of recent years, highlights the diversity of our business offering and its ability to adapt to changing conditions,” said a letter from Peter Warne, Chairman, and Nicholas Moore, Managing Director and CEO. As for 2019 guidance, the company expects to be aligned with FY18 results, highlighting that it “remains subject to market conditions, the impact of foreign exchange, potential regulatory changes and tax uncertainties and the geographic composition of income.”

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