With only seven weeks until Mexico elects its new president, candidates are sharing their proposals for infrastructure development. A wary and nervous private sector prepares as the continuity of NAIM is on the line, but it is no secret that infrastructure must be a priority for whoever takes office. Despite the uncertainty, the private sector continues to look to the BMV to finance modernization and development of infrastructure throughout sectors. Check out the interview of the week with Jose-Oriol Bosch, CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Ready to Join the Infrastructure Race? Here is your weekly roundup!

The 2018 Elections and Infrastructure

The latest in the battle between AMLO and NAIM: AMLO is open to concessioning NAIM and GACM responds that this is only viable when the project is completed. As if building on an ancient lake bed wasn’t enough of a challenge, the continent’s biggest airport project hits turbulence.

In case you missed it, here is AMLO’s explanation as to how he will create an economy for everybody: Pejenomics.

MISR Interviewee Ignacio García de Presno of KPMG believes Mexico’s future should be constructed today through private and public investment in infrastructure. At the same time, Minister of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid, also believes that Mexico needs more infrastructure to keep the country open.

Meanwhile in Mexico City: Arriola proposes to restore 329 public markets in the city and Sheinbaum wants to create a free network of childcare centers.


Sustainable Cities of the Future

Los Mochis and Guadalajara are finalists in the One Planet City Challenge where cities battle to be recognized in sustainability, mobility and ecology.

This week the Venezuela Metro became free to the public as it ran out of paper for tickets. Ever wonder what the CDMX Metrobus Station symbols mean? Learn the story behind the icon here. Down in Sao Paulo, they’ve installed metro stations that read your face.





Bridging the Infrastructure Financing Gap

Madrid-based giant Magenta Infraestructura, has purchased 85.8 percent of OHL Mexico after only 67 percent of stockholders agreed to sell at MX$27.

AECOM has new plans to boost its returns for investors in 3Q18, including exiting its non-core Oil & Gas operations

Fibra Es are all the rage and could be a great way to fund infrastructure. ASA is planning to issue its own Fibra E in May to modernize its airport infrastructures. Prodemex has delayed its issuance of its Fibra E for penitentiaries

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