This week in infrastructure is all about acknowledging the importance of the industry and striving to potentialize it. But in doing so, long-term planning is crucial. A national infrastructure undersecretary may be the way to achieving this endeavor, as several mayoral candidates are presenting this idea in their proposals.

Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review interviewed León Aguilar, Architecture Director of ZVA Group, who told us about the development of the company’s prolific Torre Punto Reforma project and the keys for success in an architecture project.

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The need for long-term planning in infrastructure creates the need for an initiative of creating a Ministry of Infrastructure, Mobility and Communications. Guanajuato’s mayoral candidate, Diego Rodrígues, defends this proposal.

CMIC Tamaulipas voices the need for a national infrastructure council, as the country demands an autonomous institution that can regulate and prioritize projects.

Jalisco is pursuing a state infrastructure plan focused on improving urban mobility and public transport. Governor candidate Carlos Lomelín is pushing for it.


The private sector bets on Baja California and strives to develop its infrastructure. The goal is to trigger the industrial sector by the US border.

In Mexico City, civil protection brigades supervised the state and infrastructure and public services after the 5.2 earthquake last Wednesday.

With only seven weeks until Mexico elects its new president, candidates are sharing their proposals for infrastructure development. A wary private sector prepares as the continuity of NAIM is on the line, but it is no secret that infrastructure must be a priority for whoever takes office.


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The US Infrastructure Week highlights the role of water infrastructure to broadband networks and workforce development, as cities endeavor to reimagine the county’s infrastructure.

In promoting South-East Asia’s infrastructure development, are China and Japan collaborating or competing?

India’s fiscal management and macroeconomic concerns hindering infrastructure investment. The central government discusses a national infrastructure strategy.



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