NAIM – Source: GACM

Yesterday, during a meeting with the Mexican Business Council (CMN), Andres Manuel Lopez Abrador (AMLO) reportedly gave his support to NAIM. According to Juan Pablo Castañón, President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), concessions were made between the presidential candidate and the private sector.

“We found that AMLO’s position on the new airport is that its viable and convenient,” he told media outlets. He also revealed that AMLO had taken a much more relaxed position in regards to reviewing contracts and was open to searching for financing alternatives for the construction.

NAIM has certainly been one of the main topics in the 2018 Mexican Presidential Elections. Three of the four candidates have largely been on board with the construction of NAIM. But throughout the year AMLO had consistently expressed opposition to its construction.

This is why this latest development comes to a surprise to many. He previously argued that NAIM was extremely expensive and said he had other plans for improving the country’s transport infrastructure. The reason for his sudden about-turn is unknown, but it could be attributed to pressure from the private sector, including millionaire Carlos Slim.

In May, AMLO also stated that the NAIM would not be canceled, but that he would create a technical committee of specialists to determine the viability of the project.

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