Yesterday marked the grand opening of the latest asset in Fibra Danhos’ portfolio of mixed-use commercial centers, Parque Las Antenas in Iztapalapa, south of Mexico City. The opening ceremony was headed by Founder of Fibra Danhos and President of the Technical Committee David Daniel and his son, Salvador Daniel, the developer’s current CEO.

They were joined by Jorge Gamboa, Fibra Danhos’ Director of Business Development, Mexico City Mayor José Ramón Amieva and Head of the Iztapalapa delegation Dione Anguiano. All five spoke about the many benefits it could bring to the delegation before cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

The shopping center, located on the limits of Iztapalapa and Xochimilco, has around 230 stores and training and entertainment facilities. The 300,000m2 space includes green areas, recreation and even an amusement park on the 23,000m2 terrace. It adds more than 100,000m2 of rentable space and more than 4,500 parking spaces to Fibra Danhos’ portfolio.

The total investment in the center was MX$5 billion, with MX$3.6 billion provided by Fibra Danhos and MX$700 million from the owner of the amusement park. The remaining investment will come from rent. Parque Las Antenas generated around 5,000 direct and indirect jobs for the region and, according to Anguiano, will make the delegation more dynamic and prevent people leaving Iztapalapa to find employment.


“We feel that entrepreneurs have a responsibility to continue investing in the delegation,” she said. “With this shopping center, it’s not only the businessmen who will benefit. We built a project the community will benefit from.”

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