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The stakes are set and Mexico has a newly elected president. But, how is AMLO’s victory going to affect the infrastructure industry? Much depends on the new administration’s national infrastructure plan. In the meantime, recently elected local governors are to inherit significant infrastructure obligations but funding to carry them out still remains fuzzy. Intelligent infrastructure could be the smartest choice when prioritizing investments.

This week, Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review takes a look back at last year’s interview with Juan Torres Landa, Partner at Hogan Lovells Mexico. He made some predictions about how the NAFTA situation would evolve – one year on, how did he do?


It’s All About Politics

AMLO’s dream came true: he is the newly elected president. What is the future of infrastructure under his ruling? Read here!

Uncertain financing future for local infrastructure projects predicted. New governors are to inherit significant infrastructure commitments, but an unclear federal funding plan.

At the closing of an administration, what does President Peña Nieto owe in infrastructure? Fitch ratings shed some insight on the matter.

How is the election going to impact ongoing infrastructure projects? Forecasts find that many will take a backseat, implying a setback for the sector.


Intelligent Infrastructure

1,961,969 cities in the world and less than 500 are becoming Smart. From Songdo in South Korea to Monterrey in Mexico, learn all about the basics of intelligent cities!

Mexico-US border striving for sustainable infrastructure. Despite NAFTA’s renegotiation uncertainty, The North American Development Bank bet on financing 61 projects across 10 frontier states in both countries.

Coworking spaces are much more than just colorful walls and Acapulco chairs. If done correctly, these spaces can create powerful SME ecosystems and serve a market of more than 3.9 million Mexican companies.

Infrastructure development, the smart investment to strengthen the tourism sector.  WTTC’s President and CEO, Gloria Guevara, believes it is important to prioritize airports, roads and ports.

More infrastructure news? Keep reading The Week in Infrastructure!


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