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The newly-elected government has released its infrastructure priorities for the next administration, with seven key programs and many forecasts regarding their expectable impact. In the meantime, the Pacific Alliance strengthened its bet on infrastructure by creating a fund for the sector. BRICS leaders are not left behind and further reinforce their commitment to the industry.

The automotive industry in Mexico flourished under the NAFTA agreement, bringing growth to the industrial infrastructure sector. Now that everything is up in the air, Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review interviewed Mauricio Garza, CEO of Interpuerto Monterrey to get his take on the outlook and what can be done next to bolster the country’s maquiladora industry.


Politicians Forecasting Infrastructure Development

This week, President-Elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced his seven key programs and MX$500 billion budget for the country’s infrastructure development. The next administration has announced it will be a priority for the next six years.

Infrastructure and the new government? This is how the sector is likely to look!

Uncertainty means infrastructure investors are calling for clear rules on projects, advises the Director General of Citibanamex, Ernesto Torres.  

The International Commitment to the Sector:

A new fund for developing infrastructure is to be launched soon. The benefactor? The Pacific Alliance.

Africa is leaning toward sustainable infrastructure, as BRICS leaders make the commitment.

Technology & Infrastructure:

New technologies innovating the infrastructure industry? Read all about BIM’s role in disrupting the sector.

Samsung scores with the US infrastructure market. The South Korean company is to expand its 5G coverage.

Creating Opportunities for Mexican Infrastructure. Follow up on more industry news!

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