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This week in infrastructure is about mapping the best projects in Mexico and abroad. The year may just be in its third quarter, but the finalists for 2018 are already announced. AMLO makes the news again, announcing 13 priority infrastructure projects. In the meantime, Brazil, India and Puerto Rico suffer cascading failures as their infrastructure presents setbacks.

Fibra Danhos is a Mexican trust constituted primarily to develop, own, lease, operate and acquire iconic and premier quality real estate commercial assets in Mexico. Its commercial portfolio is among the fastest-growing in the country. At the opening of its latest Parque Las Antenas in June, Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review sat down with Elías Mizrahi, the fund’s Director of Investor Relations to get his insights on the latest trends shaping real estate in Mexico.


AMLO announced 13 infrastructure projects to be carried during his administration. What do we know about these?

The CCE calls for more infrastructure investment. The council argues that the industry, besides boosting economic development, promotes social inclusion and improves people’s welfare.

Mapping Top Projects

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What does luxury tourism look like in Mexico and how are hospitality developers seizing upon the boom? Keep reading!

The Mexican infrastructure project of the year is in Queretaro. Eje Constitución 1917, a public transport Project, was awarded by the best infrastructure work of 2018 prize by Obras magazine.

What are the top infrastructure projects across the globe? Bentley announced its 57 finalists for 2018 from over 420 original nominations.

International Outlook:

Brazil in urgent need of infrastructure investment. According to the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), the country must invest US$6.67 billion by 2040 to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and remain competitive within the region.

India is behind schedule in infrastructure; 19 percent of projects are running late according to The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation.

The aftermaths of hurricane Maria are still felt in Puerto Rico. The reconstruction plan is estimated at US$139 billion.

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