The new government and its infrastructure priorities are all over the weekly news as a review of the infrastructure challenges that the next administration will face is made by the media. Internationally, there are new agencies on board for infrastructure development, such as the Canada Infrastructure Bank. China bets on infrastructure as a means of soft power for extending its influence in Sri Lanka, while BP plans to keep expanding in Mexico.

SUEMA is a company dedicated to the design, consulting, construction and implementation of socio-technological systems to combat climate change and circular economy projects. Its Milpa Alta biodigester project uses waste to power the local Nopal Collection Center. Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review sat down with Founder and CEO Jahir Mojica to discuss the virtues of the circular economy.

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New Infrastructure

New government, new infrastructure challenges. Marginalized cities will be targeted to tackle gaps.

Building new highways is not only about connecting the country but about creating better journeys for travelers. COCONAL’s work is in the Spotlight.

BP wants to increase fuels import to Mexico, resulting in the announcement of a new infrastructure investment plan for transport and storage.

China to extend its influence in Sri Lanka through infrastructure. The aim is to help rebuild the country’s northern and eastern regions 10 years after its civil war.

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Connecting Mexico with the World: Infrastructure for development.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank is up and running. On the heels of its debut, it announced funding US$980 million for a Montreal rail line.


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