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This week in infrastructure was all about investment. While several new projects and budgets were announced, such as in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Coahuila, it was time to report on the returns of past investments in the sector. In the meantime, some reviews took place as Sudan’s nuclear facilities were audited.

In July, infrastructure bank Interacciones disappeared and was merged with Grupo Financiero Banorte. Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review asked Felipe Duarte, Executive Director General of Infrastructure & Energy at Grupo Financiero Banorte about the acquisition and how this places the financial powerhouse to take advantage of new infrastructure opportunities.

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Industry Revision:

As September 19 draws nearer, many civilians fear an earthquake may hit again. Find out whether Mexico City’s infrastructure can face its seismic challenges.

When it comes to infrastructure, it doesn’t get riskier that building nuclear facilities. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) carried an Integrated Nuclear Review for The Republic of Sudan’s infrastructure.


In an attempt to reactivate the country’s economy, Costa Rica launches investment program in infrastructure. The budget is US$4.6 billion.

Saltillo will invest MX$1.2 billion in infrastructure as announced by Governor Miguel Ángel Solís.

Nicaragua’s government endeavors to boost the Caribbean and infrastructure is the chosen path. The broadening of the country’s road network and the construction of new ports are some of the investment targets.

Delivering Returns:

At the closing of an administration, Governor Miguel Márquez delivers infrastructure works in the Dolores Hidalgo municipality, Guanajuato. The road, social and education infrastructure cost around MX$39.5 million.

An analysis looking back at Peña Nieto’s administration finds that military infrastructure was strengthened. The aim was to improve military mobility and response capacity to criminal activities.

The sixth government report accounts for a significant drop in Telecom infrastructure investment of 26.9 percent FY17.

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