As time continues to count down to Dec. 1, when AMLO officially assumes power as President, the clouds of uncertainty are beginning to clear. AMLO is slowly announcing his priorities and programs to boost the country’s infrastructure. While a great part of the infrastructure sector is more anxious for Oct. 28 when the citizen consultation regarding the fate of NAIM will be announced.

Ready to find out what the future holds? Here is your Weekly Roundup!

The Fate of NAIM

Experts continue to present reports where NAIM is a better option than constructing Santa Lucia, but it is up to the people to decide what the fate of the new Mexico City airport will be. According to the latest survey, only 42 percent of the people think NAIM should continue construction…

GACM has proposed to concession 23 percent of the NAIM project to reduce debt. This includes the cargo terminal, office building, aircraft maintenance hangers, storage and distribution systems.

AMLO says to the public, “It may not be possible to accomplish everything that is demanded”.



Mexico’s Areas of Opportunity

AMLO has a social development, housing and rural road construction program he wants to implement to boost marginal areas in Mexico and avoid migration. Fifteen cities are included in this program, from the states of Baja California Sur, Nayarit, Jalisco, Estado de Mexico, Queretaro and Guerrero with a price tag of MX$10 billion.

Almost a year since the September 19 earthquake in Mexico, the Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) reported that the buildings that collapsed where due to corruption in Mexico City. “Earthquakes don’t kill people, corruption does.”

According to the future Minister of Tourism, Simon Levy, Mexico’s development banking needs to be “reborn” to boost the development of public infrastructure.

The International Development Bank answers the question “What is sustainable infrastructure” in its newest publication. Download it here.


PPPs: The Answer to Many Infrastructure Problems?

Hurricane Florence will hover over the Carolinas this weekend, with threats of flooding and destruction. Here is how PPPs could work in Insurance.

Colombia is saying hello to hospital PPPs and welcoming the private sector to participate in the bridging the country’s social infrastructure gap.

If you want greener streets, then make room for more bikes and trees!


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