Last week started off business as usual with AMLO making headlines. While on his tour across Mexico, he commented to press that he was receiving a country in bankruptcy, with a high rate of violence, an industry in a precarious state and without economic growth in the last 30 years. “We will not be able to accomplish everything that has been demanded, but we will accomplish everything that was offered during the campaign,” said AMLO. The fate of NAIM is still in the air, as is creativity as the sector begins to imagine future projects.

Don’t forget to check out the interview of the week as MISR talks to Jimmy Arakanji, Co-Founder & CEO of Thor Urbana about its latest project, Town Square Metepec.

The Infrastructure Industry Speaks its Mind

COPARMEX assures AMLO that the country is not in bankruptcy even though public debt during the EPN administration did increase and that these expenses were not translated into infrastructure projects as has been claimed.

The Mexican Bank Association (ABM) asks that AMLO is “realistic” when it comes to creating infrastructure projects in Mexico. “If there is not a lot of money to create more projects, we shouldn’t try to create them because it would end the country’s healthy finances.”

Moody’s Emerging Markets Study places Mexico and Brazil as the countries with the highest percentage of qualified companies and financial institutions. Mexico leads with the highest percentage of qualified subordinates (states).

Delayed Take Off

The CCE presented future SCT Minister a study that affirms that NAIM is the most viable option and if canceled, it would cost more than MX$120 billion.

CANAERO also confirms that Santa Lucia will be saturated in a maximum of eight years and that it is the last chance for Mexico to have long term airport infrastructure.

Bridging the Future Infrastructure Gap

Thirsty? Mexico City is. Sheinbaum, the next CDMX mayor, is asking for the federal government and congress’ help to finance the city’s growing water infrastructure needs.

AMLO wants to increase tax collection to bridge Mexico’s infrastructure gap. The incoming Deputy Minister of SHCP says that in the first few years SAT will have to increase its tax incomes. “One of the reasons why people do not want to pay more taxes is because they do not trust where the resources are going and are afraid of corruption.”

The Governor-Elect of Tabasco wants to revise the Tabasco ZEE. He believes that the project created by EPN is unviable, does not have benefits for the state and that there are better ways to attract investment into the state.

Here is what AMLO’s Transisthmian Corridor could do to the south of the country.

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