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This week in infrastructure is characterized by investment. From the US using infrastructure funding as a soft power strategy to the Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry advising companies to focus on financial vehicles to attract FDI. But Mexico does not lag behind as local governments contributed their grains of sand and put their money where their mouths are.

Jorge Wolpert, Director General of CONAVI

CONAVI is in charge of the implementation of the National Housing Law and coordinates financing programs for housing subsidies. It aims to boost the development of sustainable social housing in Mexico and provide incentives for developers. Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review interviewed Director General Jorge Wolpert to ask him about the main trends in social housing and how this will be impacted by the entrance of the new administration.

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Is telecom infrastructure AMLO’s next priority? According to Salma Jalife, Deputy Minister for Information Technologies and Communications, the answer is yes.

Ocuyucan, Puebla betting on road infrastructure. The investment of MX$2 million is mainly directed to maintenance.

Infrastructure investment is all about boosting tourism in Tamaulipas. Governor Francisco García focuses his administration’s efforts in the Miramar beach.

As part of its effort to counter China’s growing international influence, the US Senate advocates for doubling its funding for infrastructure projects around the world.

Suresh Prabhu, Commerce and Industry Minister of India, calls for infrastructure companies  to develop innovative instruments for attracting FDI.


The Sharing Economy is creating waves in urban planning and mobility worldwide. But how is it impacting Mexico? Learn more.

Fiujitsu innovates with IT for project management and launches the new version of its Infrastructure Management Software (V2.3).


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