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This week in infrastructure more investment and deployment is required in infrastructure. As new projects in the country advance, such as the Hermosillo New General Hospital, a deputy from Morena wants to get rid of the Infrastructure Tax. USMCA is also expected to be a game changer for the industry.

Salvador Rivas, Director of s*arc

s*arc: salvador rivas architects is a comprehensive design consultancy and support network that has the aim of delivering innovative, unique and sustainable projects with a positive impact. Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review interviewed Salvador Rivas, Founder and Director of s*arc to ask him about the main trends in architecture and their implementation in Mexico. 

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Infrastructure Goes Political:

Morena’s deputy for Zacatecas, Omar Carrara, proposes to eliminate the infrastructure tax and denounces the lack of transparency in its spending.

CONCAMIN calls for infrastructure development as the key for industrial growth in Mexico. Find out more here.

USMCA opens the door for international claims from investors to the government. In infrastructure, if NAIM is cancelled, investors could appeal to the treaty’s Chapter 14 on dispute resolution.

Hermosillo’s new general hospital gathering speed. The project is 20 percent completed.

Water Infrastructure:

Mexico City’s Alvaro Obregon delegation lacking pipe infrastructure to face the water outage. Only two of the delegation’s four pipes are operational, leaving its residents strained for resources.

The US Conference of Mayors-Water Council root US cities’ water problems in a lack of proper infrastructure, while asking Congress to deploy more financial resources to the sector. The Water Infrastructure Act has an estimated cost of US$4.5 billion over the next five years.

Digital Infrastructure: Key

Jeremy Rifkin warns that Mexico must deploy digital infrastructure to face the third digital revolution and succeed in fighting climate change.

The promised 5G network to remain a pipedream without infrastructure deployment. 5G cells must flood countries that try to implement it.


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