Will NAIM take off or will Santa Lucia host the next Mexico international airport? The public consultation that will decide the fate of the next airport will take place Oct. 25-28, with over 1,073 voting venues throughout the county. Meanwhile, investors continue to raise money for infrastructure development and the new government admits it will need more funds to bridge the country’s infrastructure gap.

Ready for takeoff? Here is your weekly roundup!

NAIM’s Fate

AMLO’s transition team is getting ready for the public to cast their votes to decide the fate of NAIM. Here is the scoop on what experts are saying:




Infrastructure Will Need Private Participation

Blackrock prepares its infrastructure investments in Mexico after its CerPI and is going after another US$100 million by the end of the year.

Incoming Undersecretary of SHCP Arturo Herrera says that PPPs established by the previous government will be respected but new government will ensure their future performance.

Incoming Minister of SCT Javier Jiménez Espriú says that the savings expected from reducing costs and corruption will not be enough to fund the projects the country needs.




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Meanwhile in Mexico City …

Sheinbaum guarantees the construction of a cable bus in the municipality of Alvaro Obregon and the preliminary studies will be carried out next year to determine the stops.

An initiative in the Senate has real estate developers uneasy. It proposes that projects larger than 5,000m2 need to have a neighborhood consultation which will impact whether or not it is constructed. CMIC says that is a bad idea as municipalities could suspend new construction permits and that CDMX would see losses not only in investment but also in jobs.

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