NAIM’s public consultation brought volatility to the market and nervousness to the Mexican construction industry. After four days of voting, the results are in and Santa Lucia was chosen by the Mexican people as the best option. With only one month before President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador becomes the new President of Mexico, specialists say Mexico’s infrastructure development must carry on to drive the Mexican economy. How will NAIM’s consultation impact infrastructure development in years to come?

Check out the interview of the week with Iñigo Mariscal, Co-Director General of Marhnos, where he discusses the opportunities for participating in social infrastructure PPPs and residential real estate growth in Mexico.

Mexico’s Infrastructure Predicament

As NAIM snatches headlines, what are the implications for national and international travelers landing in Mexico City? Check out the breakdown of what is going on here.

After the consultation, AMLO gives a press conference stating that NAIM on Texcoco will be cancelled and that the Mexican people had made their decision.

Enrique Pena Nieto asks for continuity in trans-sexennial infrastructure projects.

BlackRock began its operations at the Coahuila Penitentiary where it carries out maintenance and meal operations. It will receive US$65.5 million for the next 20 years.

Latin America is the region with the slowest progress in terms of airport development. Check out these facts about Mexico and Latin America’s air transport sectors from the Airports Council International (ACI).

Urban Living

Mexico City is shutting off one of its largest water plants, Cutzamala, for maintenance, leaving a large part of the city without water. 13 municipalities in Mexico City and 13 in the State of Mexico will have partial or complete water shortages for three days.

Mexico City is facing a water crisis. The New York Times explains the phenomenon and the challenge of bringing water into what used to be an ancient lake.

CANADEVI believes the housing sector is the motor keeping the Mexican economy moving.

Check out the Hunters Point South Park in Queens. The city restored its industrial area with native grasses that not only boost the area’s attractiveness, but can also withstand any storm surge. How could Mexico do the same?

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