This week in infrastructure, and in many other sectors for the matter, was mostly about the breaking news of the cancellation of NAIM after losing in the popular consultation. The halting of what was the “Project of the Century” has dealt the toughest blow to the Mexican Stock Exchange since the 2009 recession.

Grupo LAR funds and manages commercial, residential, industrial and corporate assets. Its strategy is based on risk diversification and the development of competitive advantages through international alliances. Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review interviewed Ignacio Bezares, Regional Director for Mexico and Peru to ask him about the most attractive areas the developer is targeting.


NAIM’s Cancellation and All the Havocs Behind:


  • Tijuana’s Development Council (CDT) advances its Strategic Metropolitan Plan for 2034, including at least 12 infrastructure projects for the city.
  • Máximo Vedoya, CEO of Ternium, forecasts more infrastructure investment despite the generalized negative outlook.
  • Mexican businessmen demand investment certainty from AMLO. Juan Pablo Castañón, President of CEE, voices the industry leaders’ concern.

International Outlook:

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