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The Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Summit gathered the industry leaders and opened up discussion about the sector’s main challenges and areas of opportunity. The way to lawfully carry out infrastructure projects is detailed in the Law on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management sets the guidelines. CMIC and Concanaco made public statements about AMLO’s intended infrastructure approach. On an international level, New York spends on enhancing water infrastructure across the state, while Singapore and the US keep the bilateral collaboration for infrastructure development.

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Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Summit:

MISS18 took place last Wednesday at Hotel Marquis Reforma in Mexico City to launch the 2019 edition of Mexico Infrastructure and Sustainability Review. Read the industry’s discussion highlights:

International Outlook:

  • New York State to enhance water infrastructure. US$208 million were granted to several municipalities by the state government to achieve this goal.
  • The infrastructure collaboration agreement between Singapore and the US was renewed Friday, Nov. 16.
  • In the path of becoming smart and sustainable, while complying with UN Sustainability goals, governments can only do so much. The private sector must jump in to bridge the remaining gap.

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