With only five days until AMLO becomes Mexico’s newest president, the sector waits for news on what new projects and rules of the game will be for infrastructure development. There continues to be non-conformity surrounding the cancellation of NAIM and companies are looking for more news on the tenders for the Mayan Train. What will be AMLO’s priorities for 2019?

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Public Consultation #2: Project Priorities

During the weekend, there was another public consultation regarding the key programs that will be carried out during AMLO’s administration. Ninety percent of the population supported the project priorities of the next years with a participation of 946,081 people. The total cost of the consultation was MX$2.4 million and here are the results of the 10 proposed projects:

  1. Mayan Train: 89.9 percent said yes to the project
  2. Refinery in Dos Bocas, Tabasco: 91 percent said yes
  3. Tehuantepec Isthmus: 90.9 percent said yes
  4. Planting of 1 million fruit trees: 94.7 percent said yes
  5. Higher pensions for retired Mexicans: 93.3 percent said yes
  6. Provide scholarships to 2.6 million young adults: 91.1 percent said yes
  7. Provide scholarships to high school students: 90.1 percent said yes
  8. Provide people with disabilities support: 92.9 percent said yes
  9. Provide free health care and medications: 95.1 percent said yes
  10. Free internet throughout the country: 91.6 percent said yes

Infrastructure Development

The Refinery in Paraiso has been in the headlines since last weeks investigation of the destruction of mangroves and forest without permission on what is said to be PEMEX terrain.

Although NAIM lost the public consultation, construction continues full speed until Nov. 31. MITRE continues to warn against the construction of Santa Lucia, saying the plan fails to take into account the geometrics of the runways or air space.

The Mayan Train’s first tenders will take place on Dec. 1 to rehabilitate the Merida-Valladolid segment. Rogelio Jimenez Pons is the proposed director for the Mayan Train project and said that beginning Dec. 16, the rails will be rehabilitated.

In his last weeks in office, EPN says that he leaves Mexico with more infrastructure and opportunities than available six years ago. Test runs of the Guadalajara Light Train took place last week, which was also a Government Commitment (CG) during his administration.

City Life

DINKS (double income, no kids) segment is boosting Mexico’s residential plus housing sector reporting a growth of 6.3 percent in the 3Q18 in comparison to 3Q17. Seventy-six percent of these buyers also purchases the assets with their own sources, meaning great liquidity among the sector.

The incoming Mexico City Government has announced its mobility plan for 2019. It looks to promote the use of bikes and public transport through both the integration and improvement of transport infrastructure.

Check out the interview of the week with Jack Levy of Grupo VEQ, a real estate developer based in Guadalajara, which is planning to become Mexico’s first Smart City.

Mexican malls are defying the odds and are learning from the mistakes of US developers to create projects that add value to the Mexican consumers.

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